GroupRX Revolution uses proven riding principles and matches music to resistance levels, riding speeds, and riding positions to create a fun and effective way to cardio train on a bike. Simulating outdoor riding terrain, speeds, and physiological challenge, this is an ideal training tool for indoor riders.


Revolution focuses on three Rs. Use these three tools independently or collectively and you'll be ready to ride a powerful Revolution class that provides the results you're looking for - improved cardio function; stronger legs, hops, and back; and best of all, calories melting off your body;


Resistance: The primary training tool in cycling, resistance dictates calories burning.


Rate of Perceived Exertion (or heart rate monitor): Challenge yourself to get your heart rates to the desired zone.


Rhythm: Changing your cadence (speed) throughout the workout trains your muscles most effectively; using the cadence ladder affords new riders the opportunity to build pace as they gain strength.




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